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My Coaching Approach & Philosophy

WHAT are your goals?

What's Stopping you?

Let's create positive change!

If you want to change or achieve something specific in your life, why not just do it?  What's getting in your way?  In an ideal world, it should be a simple cause and effect:  you want something... you make it happen.  But, it's not uncommon to feel stuck, uncertain, incapable, dismissive, overwhelmed, or simply too busy.  Whether you have lofty life-changing goals or simply need to complete a series of tasks and can't get it done, the struggle is real. 

Bring me those day to day challenges, bigger projects, or pie in the sky aspirations, and I will help you CREATE A PLAN for reaching your goals that is founded on clear judgement, positive thinking, and CONSCIOUS decision making.  

We'll identify obstacles, limiting beliefs, and other inhibitors to action and success.  I will guide you as you reconnect with your values, discover new personal insights and strengths, and learn how to use your new understanding and perspective to get what you want. 

Why coaching?

Coaching is about overcoming blocks and creating purposeful action.  It's about aligning your outer aspirations with your inner values, so you feel truly invested in and connected to your path forward.  It's about discovering  personal insights, those 'aha' moments that open up possibility.  It's about increasing your confidence and energy level, and releasing judgement and negativity.  It's NOT about changing who you are, it IS about rediscovery and connection with your strengths, interests, and core values, and using them to bring out the best in you.   


What are the mechanics of coaching? 

As client and coach, we peel back the layers to get to the core of who you are, what you want, and what is holding you back.  We identify your limiting beliefs, and challenge the assumptions and interpretations that are impeding progress.  We create a step-by-step action plan for forward progress, to which I hold you accountable.  Where appropriate, I will use an attitudinal assessment tool to delve deeper into your attitudes and actions, and help you shift from effective functioning to optimal functioning.


Contact me using the form below.  I will be in touch to schedule a 20 minute complimentary call.  I will help you find out what coaching can do, help you figure out if coaching is for you, and we'll see if we are a good match! 

"Coaching works because it's all about you.
When you connect with what you really want and why, and take action, magical things can happen."

45 minute

one-on-one sessions

3 month or 6 month

Weekly or bi-weekly

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