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Improve Communication and connection with your teenager for a better relationship, inner calm, and a happier household.

Individualized coaching for parents of teenagers.

Do you...
  • Find yourself balancing parenting with other aspects of your life and feel like something is falling short?
  • Feel you could be doing more to support your teenager?
  • Struggle to connect and communicate with your teenager?
  • Find parenting overwhelming, discouraging, all-consuming, or joyless?
  • Fail to set and keep boundaries?
  • Have the sense you have lost control of your household and all those in it?
  • Welcome the thought of support? 
Coaching addresses Situations commonly experienced by Parents of teenagerS, Such as:
  • Not knowing how to motivate your teenager
  • A teenager who makes excuses all the time

  • Always getting shut out, not knowing how to get through

  • Questioning if you are doing or saying the right things

  • Loosing sight of family and/or personal values 

  • Worry about the future

  • Stress or anxiety that affects other parts of life too

  • The loss of self that comes from focusing all your attention on family

  • And so much more...

I instill competence, confidence, and calm in parents as they navigate the difficult teenage years.

I have teenagers, I'm right there with you!

My Coaching is thought-provoking and practical, you will leave each session equipped with insights and tools.
I look forward to chatting about how we can make your dreams a reality! (1).png


A discovery call.  A friendly, free conversation to:

✦ Find out what coaching can do for you

✦ Explore your current situation vs. your hopes and goals

✦ See if we are a good match

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