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Maxine Fisher Coaching for parents of teenagers, provide help, support, guidance for challenges connecting and communicating

Improve Communication and connection with your teenager for a better relationship, inner calm, and a happier household.

Are you tired of misunderstandings and communication breakdowns with your teenager? Are you frustrated or confused by their behavior?


Imagine a more agreeable home life, inner calm amidst the challenges of being a parent, and a positive transformation in your family dynamics. Invest in your relationship with your teenager, and set yourself on a path toward a more fulfilling personal and family life.

As a parent coach, I am dedicated to helping you strengthen your communication and connection with your teenager during the tumultuous teenage years. With three teenagers of my own, and thus immersed both professionally and personally in the world of teenagers, I'm right there with you.

Through one-on-one coaching, I partner with you to bring forth competence, confidence, and calm as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of teenagehood. Together, we will explore the specifics of your situation and uncover a pathway for a more connected, meaningful relationship with your adolescent. 

Whether you are facing challenges linked to discipline, communication gaps, understanding your teenager's emotional world, or another parent-related concern, my coaching is thought-provoking, practical, and you will leave each session equipped with insights and tools.  
coaching can address Challenges such as: 
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  • Motivating  your teenager
  • Building trust
  • Setting and maintaining boundaries

  • Navigating technology and social media

  • Concerns around alcohol and drugs

  • Teaching responsibility and independence

  • Conflict with siblings

  • Academic and goal setting support

  • Reestablishing family and/or personal values 

  • Worry about the future

  • The loss of self that comes from focusing all your attention on family

reach out If you... 
  • Struggle to connect and communicate with your teenager
  • Are balancing parenting with other aspects of your life and feel like something is falling short
  • Question if you are saying and doing the right thing
  • Find being a parent overwhelming, or confusing
  • Feel like you could be doing more to support your teenager
  • Have the sense you have lost control of your household and all those in it
  • Always get shut out and don't know how to get through

  • Are at your wits end and welcome the thought of support!

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