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I am immersed in the world of teenagers.

I am with teenagers, and the parents of teenagers, every single day. With my own three teens, their friends, teammates, acquaintances, and all the respective parents, I am presented daily with the ups, downs, frustrations, challenges, wins, and joys of parenting teens, whether it be within my own household or the experiences of others.  There is one thing we (parents) all agree on: parenting teens is not easy and there is a need for support. 

I do just that. Through coaching, I learn about you and your teenager and tailor my support to your unique situation. I help you discover insights about your parenting style, find new perspective, and give you parenting tools. The result? A more harmonious, respectful, and loving relationship with your teen, which is a benefit to you and your whole family. While I focus primarily on parents, I also coach teens

Maxine Fisher Coaching for parents of teenagers. Help, support, guidance connecting and communicating with challenging teenagers.

By nature, I have always been a person who observes closely, listens intently, and looks for ways to help.  Coaching in a professional capacity pulls together the threads of my life. My educational background (BSc & MSc in Psychology), passion for people, research, best practices, and work, life, and situational experience and skills are all woven together to make a positive impact on the lives of parents like you.

I live in the San Francisco East Bay with my husband, our three teenagers, a dog, a cat, chickens.  I am active in our community, and in my children's lives. There is laughter, love, and support for one another in our household, we make an effort to stay connected.  Among my favorite things:  hiking the hills, family game nights, and... a hot mug of tea. 

I look forward to meeting YOU, learning about your family, and helping you find your place within it and connect and communicate better with your teen, one eye roll less at a time. 

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Maxine Fisher iPEC Certified Professional Coach
Maxine Fisher iPEC Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
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