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in a rut with your teen?

Work with me.

  • Single 90 minute session

  • A quick solution for your parenting challenges

  • Focused coaching around a specific topic

  • Helpful for one-off situations when you are stuck and need clarity

  • Gain new perspective and tools for shifting your approach and making positive change

  • Attitudinal assessment tool that captures how an individual currently perceives and approaches life

  • Personally tailored one 90 minute debrief session

  • Provides profound and practical insights into how you show up in various aspects of your life and your relationships with others

  • Helps you look closely at where (and how) you're investing your energy

  • With awareness and insights gained through the ELI debrief, you'll have the opportunity to reshape your attitudes and viewpoints

  • Six 60 minute sessions across 3 months

  • Tailored to longer term issues (i.e. patterns vs. one-off situations)

  • Program tailored to your specific goals

  • Identification of barriers that inhibit communication between parent and teen

  • Exploration of past experiences, stressors, and expectations of the parent and of their teenager that are affecting the ability to connect

  • Education for parents on how to build a strong relationship with their teenagers

  • Tools and resources to refer back to

  • Action plans to move you forward

  • Support via email between sessions

  • Twelve 60 minute sessions across 6 months

Building upon the Game Changer Package:

  • Deeper dive into family values and other factors that impact your situation

  • Ideal for parents with goals for improving the relationship with their teen AND personal goals

  • Support via email for one month after last session

*All coaching is via video conference (or phone if preferred)

​** If these packages don't work for you, let's figure out something that does

All my coaching is based on research, best practices, intuitive guidance, and tools that create connection and enhanced relationships between teens and their parents.


I engage you in a thought provoking process that opens your mind to new perspectives, possibilities, and understanding, and gives you practical tools to use at home.

At the root of all progress is greater self-awareness, and the learned ability to react to your teenager more consciously. 


Is coaching for you?
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