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Connect & Communicate with Your Teenager: Webinar Workshop
Connect & Communicate with Your Teenager: Webinar Workshop

Oct 10, 17, 24, 30, Nov 7 @7:30-8:30pm



Connect & Communicate with Your Teenager: Webinar Workshop

5=part WEBINAR workshop series for parents, to improve your relationship with your teenager.

Time & Location

Oct 10, 17, 24, 30, Nov 7 @7:30-8:30pm


About the event

One truth in parenting is uncontested:  strong communication and connection with your teenager is fundamental to their healthy development, your effectiveness as a guide, and a mutually trusting, loving relationship. Through this workshop you will gain valuable insight, perspective, and fresh energy for strengthening your bond with your teen. Sessions focus on:

1. Understanding Your Teenager.  Gain empathy and insight by learning about teenage brain development, impulsivity, decision making capability, stress response, and resilience. Juxtaposed against the realities of the teenage world such as social media, school pressure and peer pressure, we’ll explore the situations you are currently encountering and dealing with at home.

2. Parental Power – What is Your Role? Explore what you can and can’t influence. In the areas you CAN influence, we’ll discuss HOW to apply that influence. Connection to one’s own values and taking every opportunity to role-model them is part of the work here.

3. Energy & Self-Awareness in Parenting. We’ll look at how you show up versus how you WANT to show up. What mental, social, emotional, or physical stressors influence your knee-jerk reactions? Increase self-awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and consequently, actions. Approach communication and connection with your teenager in a more conscious and purposeful way.

4. Strengthening Communication Skills. We will cover practical tips and strategies to enhance your communication skills and establish trust with your teenager. The focus is on what encourages conversation vs. what shuts it down. Share the do’s and don’ts you’ve learned firsthand with your teen.

5. Connecting with your Teen. Does your teen want to spend all their time with friends? The focus of this session is on building a strong relationship through connection to avoid drifting apart. We’ll talk about casual vs. planned opportunities for connection, and how to overcome some of the obstacles you may encounter.


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