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Summer fun: Play the "What If" game

Updated: Mar 21

Summer fun playing the "what if" game

It’s SUMMER… let’s have a little fun!

Give your mind a vacation from the demands of everyday life, and entertain yourself by playing the “What if” game.


It’s an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with what you want, minus the fears, constraints, and expectations that can hold us back. We spend too much of our time blinkered by responsibilities and limiting beliefs, often burying our dreams and aspirations under self-doubt and uncertainty, and allowing them to fall by the wayside.

This exercise can be a really good way of uncovering what you want most in life, without focusing on limitations. These “What if” questions will refocus your mind and open your eyes to opportunity.

So, try the questions on for size. Answer any or all of them. Allow yourself to be completely honest and see what comes up…

  • What if money were no object, what would I do? Where would I go? What would my life look like?

  • What if I knew I could not fail, what would I try? What would I do?

  • What if time was limited, what would I stop putting off? What would I finally get around to starting?

  • What if I had perfect confidence, what would I do?

  • What if I could meet my future self, what regrets would I not want to hear of?

  • What if I let go of all my fears and pursued my wildest dreams? How would my life be different?

  • What if I didn’t care what anyone else thought? What would I do?

My family plays a version of this when we road trip. It’s the only time we buy lottery tickets. “What if we won the lottery?” That little piece of paper fuels endless conversation. What’s interesting is how quickly the materialistic daydreaming peters out, and the debate turns instead to the things that truly matter in life, most of which you can’t buy. Friendship, connection, stability, work you love, personal growth, confidence, curiosity… to name a few. The ”what if” of a lottery win grounds us, in the end. It reminds us of what’s truly important to us, and how vital it is to conduct life in support of those values. Staying true to oneself is certainly a more reliable path to happiness than waiting for a 1 in 176 million lottery win!

Dog playing the "what if" game.
Otis's "What if" game. "What if I weren't afraid of her?!"



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